In retrospect there was plenty we could

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In retrospect there was plenty we could

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In retrospect, there was wow tbc gold plenty we could have accomplished in Warlords of Draenor in regards to stories that we didn't complete. We created subplots and other villains that were not fully solved.

We highlighted the dire situation of the Draenei in Shattrath City, which is located in the middle of Draenor and then got to the ultimate problem that the antagonist faces.

The mystery remains unsolved. We're trying to not make that mistake in Legion. It's about finding an equilibrium. It's a lot of stories, and fleshing out the world, and generating the content. When it's complete and players are ready to go with it, the game moves towards the next one.

Another balance to find is between the players that are on the highest level and fully committed to new content when it comes out, and people who are more relaxed at it, casual, and going at it at buy TBC Classic Gold their own pace. How do you approach the latter?